If you wear glasses, then you can use the prescription insert to install prescription lenses on to your loupes behind the anti fog frame.

There are two types of Prescription Inserts (PI):

  1. The older PI which was installed using a screw. It has a titanium placeholder and costs more.
  2. The new PI which is made of plastic and snaps into place and costs a lot less.

Here are the photos of the two prescription Inserts:


Screw - in Prescription Insert (Product code: PI)

Nose rest made of titanium

The existing nose rest needs to be replaced and the prescription insert needs to be screwed in

Snap - in Prescription Insert (Product Code: PI-SNAP)

The new prescription insert is made of plastic.

The new prescription insert snaps into place over the existing nose rest of the frame using the 2 pairs of ball like protrusions which fit into the two pairs of holes present over the nose pad

How do I select which prescription to use?

  1. Screw-in prescription costs more than snap fit prescription insert. 
  2. Use the screw-in prescription insert only if you use progressive/bifocal lenses. Progressive/bifocal lenses may not be feasible for snap fir prescription insert.

How do I install the Snap-fit prescription insert?

  1. Take the loupes and the prescription insert to your optician.
  2. You need to supply him the specifications of the power for each eye and the inter-pupil distance. The optician might have the equipment to measure these for you. A pair of lenses made from regular plastic (CR-39) should cost you around ₹400.
  3. Get the lenses made and fit in the prescription insert (PI)
  4. Snap the PI in place as shown in the video below.