Advice from existing users of Ergoptix loupes:
  1. Use the loupes initially on extracted tooth or cast to build your skill and get used to the loupes
  2. When you begin using loupes while operating on patients, start with simple procedures like scaling and examination and then slowly graduate to more complex procedures.
  3. Initially use the loupes daily for up to 30-40 minutes at a stretch with twice the amount of breaks between usages. Perform some procedures with bare eyes as well.
  4. Understand that it is natural for your eyes to take time to adjust back to normal after using loupes for an extended period of time. Over time you will realize that this not a deal-breaker. You will automatically fall into the habit of giving yourself time between two loupe assisted procedures.
  5. Dentists suffering from migraine may take a little more time to adapt, being patient with yourself is the key.