1. What magnification do you want?
    First time users should go for 2.5x magnification.Once they are used to it, they can switch to higher magnification by purchasing only the 3.0x lens barrels and installing them on to their existing loupes.

  2. What is your working distance?
    The distance between the front edge of the objective lens and the specimen surface (with the surface of the cover glass in case of the cover glass objective lens) when the specimen is focused.
    The working distance roughly depends on your height and the dental chair/stool that you use. We can guide you over WhatsApp to help you measure your working distance.
  3. Do you need a headlamp?
    The LED headlamp fits on to the dental loupe on its flip up paddle. The headlamp is supplied with a curing filter.

  4. Do you wear spectacles?
    If you wear prescription glasses, you will need to purchase a seperate prescription insert. To do this, unscrew the titanium/silicon rubber nose pad and screw in the prescription insert frame. The lenses for the frame can be made by any local optician or you can send us your prescription card and we will get the lens made and sent to you

Prescription Insert (Screw in version)

Prescription Insert (Snap in version)